IPv6 Hall of Shame

Services and products which are not IPv6 ready or implementation is severely flawed.

  • InfiniteWP (not ready at all)
    • It forces curl to resolve A records only.
    • Its ACL doesn’t support IPv6 at all (nor CIDR notation).
  • Docker (severely flawed / not ready at all)
    • Overlay network doesn’t support IPv6 at all.
    • IPv6 is disabled by default.
      • enabling it requires static prefixes.
      • makes all hosts visible, no firewalling in place for IPv6 containers.
    • docker-compose creates new networks without IPv6 support.
    • Exposed ports only work for IPv4. In contrast to IPv4, there’s no IPv6 NAT.
  • node.js (flawed)
    • getaddrinfo flow not correctly implemented, it will fail when A record is available and IPv4 is configured but not connected. This also breaks NAT64 when A records are not filtered out.
  • Google Chrome / Chromium (minor bug)