Acer Aspire 1200

I was cleaning up my apartment and I found my very first own notebook back from 2002ish. It has undergone a couple of upgrades and replacements since then and I installed a weird Linux distribution on it.


It’s Q4OS with a Windows 2000 theme.

Subsetting CRXN into the real Internet

Recently I looked into deavmi’s project named CRXN where he’s leveraging yggdrasil’s peer-to-peer VPN routing mechanism to build an overlay network using IPv4. Since several of my online services are not connected to yggdrasil, I was wondering if it’s possible to just NAT64 CRXN into IPv6. Sure it worked quite fine, I’ll show you how we pulled that off.

Shitty pro-tip: You can also use this instruction to expose your super secured enterprise network to the public. Instead of yggdrasil you use your corporate VPN.

UPDATE: I had to setup mss clamping. Check the last paragraph how I did it. I also fixed some errata in my systemd service file.

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